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The Banjora Botanical Research and Benefits LLC ™ company were founded in 2017 with the researching of practical and manageable urban gardening design and techniques. This revision presented an insatiable desire to provide solutions that not only apply to small garden footprints, but also for larger scale challenges. Basically, a concept of “design once, use everywhere”. Additionally, the challenge of reshaping the practices currently employed must prove to be cost effective before becoming a viable solution for both home and commercial, whilst insuring the earth itself will profit. With recent advancements and the benefits of research and application, many countries have placed significant focus upon the exploration of harnessing the power and necessity of vermicomposting. This, coupled along with the depths of sustainable gardening, provides the means of bypassing the need of procured synthetic fertiliser with the use of local organic waste management. Charles Darwin calculated earthworms to produce 10 tonnes of humus per acre, although Sir Albert Howard, an early pioneer and advocate of organic agriculture, later estimated this figure to reach 25 tonnes per acre.

“A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself…”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

The earth is under constant threat of soil contamination and erosion. A recent article produced by Anna de la Vega in 2016, wrote that it is estimated that every minute, the world is loosing 35 football pitches of fertile land, equating to the loss of 75 billion metric tonnes of fertile soil per year.

Source (Vandana Shiva, ed., (2015) We Are Soil. In: Dirt: a Love Story. New England: Foreedge, p.173—178)

Additional information reflects that the production of the synthetic fertiliser known as NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) is reliant on mining phosphate rock. These global phosphate reserves are estimated to reach complete exhaustion within the next 50—100 years, hitting peak extraction by 2030.

Source (Dana Cordell et al, 2009, University of Technology Sydney | UTS · Institute for Sustainable Futures)

With these views in mind, our mission is to reshape the adapt with research, exploration and contributions to the world of gardening and horticulture beyond the normal reach.

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