December 2017

Winter Tagro Biosolids Application on Lawn Exercise

2018-01-05T04:11:29+00:00 21st Dec 2017|BioSolids, Gardening, Projects|

In part of our continued quest for finding viable uses of biosolids in regards to ongoing lawn maintenance, an opportunity presented itself not to be overlooked. 1/4 Cubic Yard - Tagro Biosold Additive Mixture Scenario: We had planted some grass seed late in the summer on some quality earth, but were lacking in [...]

November 2017

Adding the Greenhouse Retaining Wall

2017-12-27T05:23:28+00:00 1st Nov 2017|Gardening, Projects|

Introducing the Greenhouse retaining wall project. With the Greenhouse and Raised Beds in place, the ongoing maintenance of grass and weeds that make their way up thru the edges of the 5/8 minus gravel edges becomes a concern. We explored several options, with the desire to eliminate sprays, and concluded that a brick retaining wall [...]

October 2017

Adding Raised Beds to the Equation

2018-01-20T04:10:07+00:00 25th Oct 2017|Gardening, Projects|

In additional preparations for the post-Greenhouse starter plants, assembly for the raised beds became the next equation. Fortunately, there is an local lumber outlet named Mill Outlet Lumber that offers full dimensional planks at brilliant prices. 2" x 8" x 8' Alaskan Yellow Cedar Full Dimension Planks 1 lb - #10 3-1/2 in. Star [...]

Halls Greenhouse Construction

2017-12-28T05:55:44+00:00 9th Oct 2017|Gardening, Projects|

One of the first projects we undertook where that of a Greenhouse. For this area of the world, where frequent rainfall is a considerable factor, garden plants need a significant head start. There are many greenhouse options, but we wanted a solid, low maintenance aluminium structure with proper tempered glazing. Fortunately, there were a business [...]