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Banjora Botanical Research and Benefits offers extended gardening services for both residential and commercial. Our primary focus is genuine customer benefits in all aspects of gardening and horticulture.

General Tractor Services

A small profile Kubota tractor, equipped with a front-end 1/3 yard capacity loader, and backhoe, is perfect answer for tasks that are more demanding than normal. Labourious events such as small shrub and stump removal are easily performed, along with the spreading gravel and natural materials. Should your needs be that of landscaping, 2-3 man rocks are easily relocated and placed.

The backhoe implement can also be of value for site preparation, however is limited only to garden and horticulture needs.

  • Small profile tractor significantly reduces damage to existing landscape
  • Accommodates smaller width entry gates
  • A tractor can reduce overall man hours thereby providing cost savings
  • Areas outside of the normal reach of 25 mile radius are possible with considerations

General Tractor Services

  • 25 Mile Radius of Puyallup, WA
  • 2 Hour Minimum, No Transport or SetUp Fees
  • Bucket Loader and Backhoe
  • Small Tractor Profile