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Banjora Botanical Research and Benefits offers extended gardening services for both residential and commercial. Our primary focus is genuine customer benefits in all aspects of gardening and horticulture.

General Dump Bed Trailer Hauling Services

Should you have need of transporting heavy and bulky loads, a 7×14 foot (17 cubic yard) dump bed trailers with ramps brings certain advantages. Natural materials for gardening and landscaping are easily transported, along with plant debris relocation.

The transportation of soil, Tagro and other materials are easily collected from your supplier, and then delivered to your location.

  • 5-6 yard capacity loads are typical
  • Trailer services are limited to organic recycling to avoid contaminates
  • All loads are covered to reduce loss and protect the environment
  • Areas outside of the normal reach of 25 mile radius are possible with considerations

General Dump Bed Trailer Hauling Services

  • 25 Mile Radius of Puyallup, WA
  • No Transport or SetUp Fees
  • 2 Tonne Load Capacity
  • 5-6 Yard Capacity