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Tagro Top Dressing Services

Tagro is a biosolid from the City of Tacoma of which has considerable amounts of nitrogen along with addition nutrients that are excellent for your lawn. Applied liberally and evenly as a top dressing, this inexpensive approach will result in a heathy and lush lawn.

Tagro is typically applied in the winter and spring months to utilise the natural rainfall and soil absorption. However, it can be applied during the summer months with excellent results given considerable water maintenance.

Additional research has shown that moss growth is combated with the application of Tagro.

  • Fresh Tagro has a distinctive odour that is suppressed with normal watering
  • Can be easily transported to difficult access areas with the use of a power wagon
  • Application is applied by hand to ensure proportional coverage
  • Areas outside of the normal reach of 25 mile radius are possible with considerations

Tagro Top Dressing Services

$200Per Square Yard, 100 Yard Minimum
  • 25 Mile Radius of Puyallup, WA
  • Includes Tagro Mix, Delivery and Application
  • Dump Trailer and Power Wagon
  • Accommodating Small and Narrow Gates